Using the Camera on your iPhone / iPad in iOS 11

The camera is one of my favourite and most-used iPhone features. From capturing special moments to taking a pic of an item in a store to research it later, it proves invaluable in daily life. This article will cover the basics, including how to Focus, adjust Exposure, use the Timer, and Switch Between Front and Rear Cameras. 

Accessing the Camera

You can access the camera in three ways: by clicking the app on the home screen, swiping up to open the control center, or by swiping from right to left on your phone's lock screen. 

Once in Camera, swipe either direction to switch between Video, Photo, Square, Pano(panorama), slo-mo, or time lapse (available depending on device). The options at the top control Flash, HDR (takes an underexposed and overexposed pic and merges them), Live mode (takes a video at the same), Timer, and Colour Effects. Touch to open their options, and touch again to close them. 

Change Between Front and Back Cameras, Take a Photo

Change between the back camera (normal) and front-facing camera (for “selfies”) by clicking the camera icon with the curling arrows in the bottom right. You can take a photo using the main shutter button, setting the Timer (the clock icon at the top) or by physically pressing either Up or Down Volume keys. Setting the Timer for 2 seconds is great if you want to focus and not jiggle the camera, just focus, press the shutter, and hold still. It will take a BURST of 10 photos. 

Burst Mode

BURST MODE - if there's a lot of action, press and HOLD the shutter to activate burst mode without the timer. It will continue taking photos as long as the shutter is held. To access the Burst afterwards, go to Photos - click on the "photo" burst, and click Select at the bottom to open the Burst Chooser. Now, swipe left and right to scroll through the photos and click the circle at the bottom corner to select your favourites. Click Done and decide if you want to keep the whole burst or only keep the good ones. 

Focus, Exposure, and Zoom

Focus, Exposure, and Zoom - You can pinch your fingers to zoom in and out, or slide the circle between the + and - to adjust the zoom. The camera will automatically focus and draw a box around the focus area, but you can tell it what to focus on by touching the screen. You will see a box with a little Sun appear – this is the Exposure icon, and if you drag it up or down you can change the exposure settings. You can start to slide it, take your finger off and put it back on to slide more if you want more drastic settings that can't be achieved in one slide. You can lock focus by pressing and holding the spot you want it to focus until it says AE/AF Lock (Autoexposure Autofocus), this is great if there will be a lot of movement and you don't want the focus or exposure changing as it does. To cancel focus lock, click anywhere else on the screen.

What Now?

For a far more in-depth look at the possibilities of the Camera app, check out Apple's tutorial directly or see some highlights in this BusinessInsider article:

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