How to Scan a Doc, Fill it Out, Sign it, and Send it in iOS 11 with your iPhone or iPad! 


Scanning a document to a pdf is one of the coolest things built in to iOS 11, in my opinion.

Simply open the Notes app – click on the Square with the Pencil to make a New Note – click the + button at the top of the keyboard - and select Scan Documents. 


Aim your camera at the document (best in good light on a background with a lot of contrast to the document, like white paper on a dark carpet), and click the shutter button. If it's on AUTO at the upper right, the yellow box will try to identify the edges and if it knows the edge, it will take the pic automatically, or you can click the button to force it to take a pic on AUTO or Manual. Next, drag the corners of the resulting box to the edges of the document so that it correctly scans. It helps to drag the corners from BELOW the magnifying box, that way you can see the magnified edge.

Click Keep Scan when you are happy, and move on to take a photo of the next page in the document (if there is one). Click “Save (#ofPages)” when you have scanned all the pages. Now, we need to make it a PDF. There are a few ways to do this, but I'll cover the one I find easiest.

First, Touch the Scan to Edit it, then touch the Title to change it (if you want to). Click Save when finished. Second click the Share button (box with up arrow) to bring up the option to Create PDF or Markup – Markup will allow it to be signed, or to add text to fields (See Markup Section below).

When Done marking up, click Done and then the Share Button – Create PDF. You will now be looking at the PDF. You can either Markup more, click the Share button to send via Email or another App, or click Done and it will prompt you to Save File To... or Delete PDF.


Click Save File To... and then select your favourite place, from Dropbox to iCloud to an app on your device. I saved mine to Pages on my device. Note: To access the file again, you need to open the FILES app if you've saved to Pages, NOT the Pages app. A bit confusing I know. 

If you did forget to rename your file and you already have one with that name in your folder, don't worry, it will ask if you want to Replace the existing file or Keep Both – if you choose the latter, it will rename it for you.


Convert Photo to PDF with iBooks

If you have trouble with the above method, or if you have an existing document that's a photo (.jpeg / .png) that you need to convert to a pdf, you can also simply find it in Photos (or email the photo/jpeg/png to yourself), Crop it (if needed), Share the photo to “Save PDF to iBooks” - then open iBooks and Markup the document from there (add signature and text), and then share it via email. If you don't see it in iBooks, make sure iBooks is set to show All Books under the Collections dropdown at the top.

Markup Tools

There are tons of options available under the Markup tab. From left to right you have Pen, Marker, Pencil, Eraser, Selector (lasso), Colours, and the + which brings up Text, Signatures, Shapes, and the Magnifier.

To Undo or Redo something, touch the back-curling arrow at the top right. To select a tool, touch it. To change the pen, text, or shape colour, touch the colour dot and the range of colours appears.

If you've added text, you can make it bigger by dragging the corners of the box or move it around by touch-and-holding as you move it.


Under Signature, you can touch one to use one you've previously saved, or select Add or Remove Signature to make a new one (click the +) or delete existing ones (click the red -). Once you touch a signature and place it on the doc, you can drag it around and resize it. Touch it at any time as you edit to reactivate the options. 

Under Shapes, you can choose square, circle, chat box, or arrow. Once you've touched a shape and added it to the doc, you can modify the colour, shape, and bend. The arrow for example has two end points, and a centre point that allows you to "curve" the arrow. 

The Magnifier adds a magnified circle on your image, great if you need to draw someone's attention to a detail. There are two dots on the circle, one makes the actual circle bigger and smaller and the other increases or decreases the magnification. 

If you've drawn multiple things, use the Selector lasso to circle one or two drawings at once, then press and hold to move them around.

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